Our company has tie-ups with several companies, and we provide everything from material procurement to primary processing and product processing to satisfy customer needs.

CQDS for engaging in processing

We set the goals as the basis for manufacturing.


Price reduction


Have a commitment to quality


Assist with delivery date


Customer service and support

Production processing



Trestle / Flame


Processed pipe



General processing

Cutting process

ShirringShearing with parallel blades, such as scissors.
LaserCutting with laser light. This makes automation and precision cutting possible.
(Water jet)
Cuts are made by spraying high-pressure water jets. It can also be used to cut materials other than metals.
④Wire-cutUltrafine metals can be precisely cut by applying an electric current.

Bending process

(cold/high frequency)
This transforms the metal into a specific shape and angle by matching the mold.
PressAttach the mold to a machine to denature or transform it.
RollThe plate is sandwiched between two and four rolls and transformed into a cylindrical shape.


①Milling / MachiningIt is possible to cut planes, grooves, sides, etc.
②LatheRotate the material and apply a cutting tool to cut it.
③Drilling machineRotate the drill or reamer to create holes.
End millingIt can improve wear resistance and fatigue strength with high accuracy.

Welding processing

①TIGIt is suitable for welding thin plates and precision products with beautiful finishes.
②MIG・MAGBecause welding is performed while melting the wire, long-distance welding is possible.
LaserBecause the heat is concentrated at one point, its effect is minimal.
④PlasmaDeep welding is possible with fewer heat- affected zones.
⑤BrazingThis is used to join copper products.

We also carry out special processing, such as forging, casting, and lost wax. Please feel free to contact us!